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Behavioral Medicine 

Pets can have a wide variety of behavioral issues, from simple housetraining problems to severe anxiety and aggression issues. We are well qualified and experienced in diagnosing and addressing behavior problems with an approach that combines skills from veterinary clinical medicine, behavioral medicine, and pet training. Our goals are to help pets and their owners live together comfortably and safely, and to help restore the bond between pets and their families.

We are one of the only veterinary clinics in the Des Moines metro area that have a behavior consultant on staff. Emily Blythe's training philosophy is based on positive reinforcement, and she has been in the field for 10 years. We offer both in-home and phone consultations for canine and feline behavioral concerns. We also offer special deals on multi-session packages!

Here are testimonials from our clients:
- "The Animal Behaviorist at the AAAC is fantastic. We have a very reactive dog that would not have done well in a group setting. Emily realized this and set up private training (for us as much as Bandit) that allowed him to be successful. Always patient, she took the time to explain what was going on in our dog’s brain, why the strategies would help, and provided feedback to help us master the skills. When we started, Bandit would lose his mind if another dog came within 50 yards. After 5 customized sessions, he was able to approach within 8 feet of another dog without reacting.
Emily gets our highest recommendation." -Jeremy
- "Review for the dog behavioral training. After an incident with my large dog and a smaller dog it was recommended that I work with a behavioral trainer to be sure the incident wouldn't happen again. Emily Blythe was a magic worker! We worked with her for 10 weeks (2- 5 weeks sessions) and the difference in my dog is incredible. She is better able to control her impulses, she follows instruction quickly, and she is better behaved overall. I highly recommend this service if your dog has impulse control, aggression, or just needs to be taught a few manners." - Jody
*For more information, please email Emily at or call the clinic at 515-964-7387!